HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL
PAR 4 5 3 4 5 4 4 3 4 36
HDCP 5 1 9 7 2 4 6 8 3  
RED 308 349 96 295 437 287 293 125 311 2501
YELLOW     351     394     132    334    470    351    356    148    353    2889
WHITE 384 451 140 359 497 400 363 160 381 3135
BLUE 418 465 167 412 528 436 376 172 429 3403

Greentree Golf Club plays over 6800 yards from the Blue Tees for 18 holes.  This is one of the more difficult layouts from the Blue Tees in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Come out and play Greentree for a fun, yet challenging experience!

Course Rating/Slope

Tee Color     Course Rating Slope Rating
Blue 36.5 135
Yellow 35.2 130
White 34.5 118
Red 34.5 117

GHIN Handicaps Available at Greentree

Adults  $25
Juniors (17 & under)  $5

Tips from the Pro

  • Hole #1 – Take your drive down the left side of the fairway will leave the best approach to the green.  Aim at the directional flag in the fairway as a guide marker.  Consider less club to the downhill approach shot.
  • Hole #2 – You must keep your tee shot in play on this hole; a 3-wood or long iron is a good choice of club.  A well-placed drive will give you a good opportunity to make birdie here.  There is more room around the green than it looks from the fairway.
  • Hole #3 – Watch out for the pond on the right side of the green, keep it left of the flag for a good chance at par.
  • Hole #4 – Bombs away!  Let the driver rip here.  The 2nd shot always plays slightly longer than you think to the elevated green.
  • Hole #5 – This is a true three shot par 5.  Keep your drive down the left side of the fairway for any chance of making it home in two.  A good aiming point for the 2nd shot is just left of the large tree.  This will leave you a short third shot to a sloping green.  Keep the ball below the hole on this one.
  • Hole #6 – This is a tough driving hole.  Keep your drive right to avoid the lake from the tee, however, be careful to miss the bunker on the right side.  This is a large green, club selection will be key on your 2nd shot.  A par here is a great score.
  • Hole #7 – The tee shot sets you up to miss the fairway to the right, be mindful of this.  If you can draw your tee shot, this is the hole to play that shot.  A good drive will allow you to be aggressive – think birdie here!
  • Hole #8 – This hole plays longer than you think.  The uphill grade to the green is gradual which makes you think the hole is flat but can fool you into the bunker short right of the green.
  • Hole #9 – This is a visually intimidating tee shot.  A straight drive is a must or risk searching the woods for your ball.  Another uphill approach shot into a sloping green will make par here a great way to finish your round.

Remember to stop in the Clubhouse after your round for an iced-cold beverage!